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The Area's Best Live Entertainment

Join us throughout the week for a solid schedule of live entertainment presented on our state of the art stage and dance floor. Regional and national acts playing rock, pop, blues and country are featured weekly.

We're always looking for talented musicians to play at Wild Bull Saloon. We have a variety of opportunities available. If you're in a band or even know of a great band you think we should book, please drop us line via our contact form. Make sure that you leave proper contact information or a link to the band on the web.

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DJ & Dancing
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Friday & Saturday Late Nights | Beginning at 11pm

Local DJ's take the helm late night to keep the party going. If you love to dance get down here early and experience Kalamazoo's most dynamic dance floor.

Upcoming Shows

Monster's School's Out Party

Thursday | April 24th | 9pm

It's that time of year.The sky is blue. The tree's are budding. Spring is in full bloom. Oh yeah, and school is OUT! Wild Bull and Monster Energy want you to kick off your graduation weekend in the Entertainment District at Monster's Schools Out Party! Join us on Thursday, April 24th, as we say good-bye to winter and open the flood gates to summer. If the weather holds we will open District Square to hold a party of this scholarly magnitude. DJ Creole spins the tunes and ignites the dance floor. Giveaways including Monster swag and more. Don't miss this opportunity to say adiós to higher learning, and hello to a summer of big fun!

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The South County Band

Friday | April 25th | 9pm

High energy, up-beat country best describes this band from Vicksburg, Michigan. South County performs the HOTTEST new country songs as well as the favorites from the past. The band is currently developing original music written by band members themselves. SC takes the stage "by the horns", so hold on for one high powered country music experience!

Formed in 2010 (Complete band in Spring 2011) from a broad range of musical talent and genres with the same mentality to take country music, energize it, and have everyone dancing by the end of the first song, South County was formed. South County has been playing together since spring 2010 (John, Kirby, Jason, Andy, Kevin since Spring 2011) and is entertaining crowds all over southwest Michigan and surrounding areas as your very own high powered country music entertainment.

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Saturday | April 26th | 9pm

It's flashback time with the rhythm and rhyme … all the sleaze and the slime … but no drugs this time. Grab your spandex, bandanas, and come if you dare … it's twice as much rock and three times as much hair!

Rising again from an 18 month sabbatical, HairMania will soon take its rightful place on TOP … right where they belong! The shredding guitars, the thundering drums, the huge hooks, and the wildly popular sing-a-long songs will all be there, and HairMania’s brand of GLAM/SLAM will once again create mayhem, hedonism, and a serious party! Culminating in a high energy-full production stage show, HairMania is back to prove that 80’s hair metal lives on. With true talent and raw power, they deliver the hits the way they should be heard, LOUD, PROUD and very, very Hairy!

Artist Website

The Spazmatics

Saturday | June 7th | 9pm

The Spazmatics Story: Or at least what they told us!

In the spring of 1983, physics professor Luis Stigwood of Alta Dena High in Thousand Oaks California, lost a debate over String Theory to an upstart pupil in front of the entire student body and faculty. As agreed to by both parties, the loser would have to do anything that the winner demanded, and the victorious prodigy demanded that Mr. Stigwood perform "She Blinded Me With Science" by Thomas Dolby during half-time at an upcoming state basketball championship game.

Having no musical background and desperate to not go down in total humiliation, Professor Stigwood tapped the genius of electronics teacher Eugene MeeGene, who had achieved international acclaim in 1981 for his invention of "robot" drums. When MeeGene (who was also the girls water polo coach at Alta Dena Middle School) explained that most of the music could be generated by computers, and that all he needed was a couple of decent musicians to fill in the holes, Stigwood was ecstatic. To round out the lineup, Stigwood brought in his brother, Milton on bass, and teacher's assistant, Shureman on guitar.

When the group took center court that evening, members of the hip elite began heckling them with jibes of "geek" and "nerd," while everyone else howled with laughter. But once they broke into the opening salvo of "Science," the nonbelievers were stunned by the group's authenticity of production, world class musicianship, and tight choreography. The performance came to a climax when Stigwood grabbed one of the cheerleaders and began doing the "Belinda" up and down the court with her in tow. When it was all over, the crowd rose in a standing ovation, and the Spazmatics were born.

From the creators of the World Famous Afrodisiacs comes the Spazmatics. All the awesome sounds, styles, and way cool dance steps from the 1980's decade we'd love to forget. Complete with skinny ties, Brill Creamed hair, and horn-rimmed glasses, the Spazmatics recapture all the best of the worst. Outstanding musicianship combined with creative flair and style makes for an evening of pure energy and entertainment. So tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999; only it's not!

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Z96.5 & FusionShows Present

Langhorne Slim & The Law

WSG Jake Simmons and The Little Ghost & Vega

Sunday | June 15th | 8pm | 18 & Up

There is nothing like the challenges and camaraderie of the road to inspire a songwriter who thrives upon the emotional energy and exhilaration only travel can deliver. Some singers are devoted to the pursuit of perpetual motion, and Langhorne Slim releases his wild soul in ways that come out of the discipline of live performance.

The 13 songs that compose Langhorne Slim & The Law’s new The Way We Move are road-tested, rollicking and very rock ‘n’ rolling tunes that the songwriter perfected with his loyal band, and come out of the kind of good times and bad experiences that songwriters of Langhorne’s lofty stature can turn into life-affirming rock ‘n’ roll. You could also call what Langhorne Slim does folk music, but then there’s his sly, charming and open-hearted feel for pop music—those summertime melodies that nudge you into a grin even when the song is about something bad.

Langhorne Slim - The Way We Move from Langhorne Slim on Vimeo.

For Langhorne Slim—Pennsylvania-born self-taught guitarist who moves to Brooklyn at 18, begins feeling out his place in a burgeoning punk-folk scene, wends his way to the West Coast, and finds himself celebrated from Newport to Portland as one of today’s most original singers and songwriters—The Way We Move represents the sound of a band devoted to living in the moment. Riding the success of his 2009 full-length Be Set Free, Langhorne went through some changes over the last three years—he lost his beloved grandfather, who is the subject of the new record’s moving “Song for Sid,” and moved on from a relationship that had lasted five years.

But these guys don’t play the reference game, and like to keep it raw. The new record moves in ways that are fresh for Langhorne Slim & The Law, and demonstrates all the ways we can go forward while keeping an eye on the mirror.  They’re laying down the law.  It’s very American, and when Langhorne Slim contemplates whether or not he fits in to any narrow-cast definition of this country’s music, he replies with a perfect, laconic joke: “I think we fit in most places that would take us.”

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